Operation Hook


Operation Hook is a Small Collaborative Partnership in Sports project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project aims to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sports by promoting Via Ferrata activities in 5 countries and focusing on the inclusion of people facing economic, social and geographical obstacles. [...]

Thriving in The Gig Economy


OUR PROJECT A freelancer is a self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. Young people could use increased website building competences to freelance and earn some money while still living in hometowns, being at school. Considering young people all around the Europe [...]

Connecting Youths


THE PROJECT Four Links and its partners got together to tackle the lack of active participation of youth in their communities. Statistics show that only 3% of youth (EU28) have stayed abroad for the purpose of volunteering for longer than 1 month. Situation in participating countries is no better: [...]

Let’s Save Our Planet


Video recap of our project LET'S SAVE OUR PLANET Erasmus+ Youth exchange, named "Let‘s save our planet“, took place between 25 October and 05 November 2017 in a very beautiful city of Balan, Romania, surrounded by two mountain chains. In this project, 40 participants from [...]

Draw Your Story


Video recap of our project DRAW YOUR STORY Once upon a time a group of young people met in a wonderful Czech land named Kouty to Draw Their Story. Well, to be more precise 30 participants of 10 NGOs from 10 countries (Czech Republic, [...]

Be Prepared


Video recap of our project BE PREPARED Erasmus+ training course “Be Prepared”, organized by Four Links, took place in Kouty, Czech Republic during 12-22 December 2017 and brought together 30 participants from Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Portugal, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania. Our Goal [...]

Build Your Career


Video recap of our project BUILD YOUR CAREER Erasmus+ training course “CMS – Build Your Career”, organized by Four Links, took place during 09-16 February 2018. In a beautiful town called Škrdlovice 30 participants from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Romania and [...]

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