Draw Your Story


Video recap of our project DRAW YOUR STORY Once upon a time a group of young people met in a wonderful Czech land named Kouty to Draw Their Story. Well, to be more precise 30 participants of 10 NGOs from 10 countries (Czech Republic, [...]

Be Prepared


Video recap of our project BE PREPARED Erasmus+ training course “Be Prepared”, organized by Four Links, took place in Kouty, Czech Republic during 12-22 December 2017 and brought together 30 participants from Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Portugal, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania. Our Goal [...]

Build Your Career


Video recap of our project BUILD YOUR CAREER Erasmus+ training course “CMS – Build Your Career”, organized by Four Links, took place during 09-16 February 2018. In a beautiful town called Škrdlovice 30 participants from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Romania and [...]

Career Kickstarter


Video recap of our project CAREER KICKSTARTER Young people all around Europe are facing the challenge of the transition from education to employment. This is correlated by statistical facts that confirm that 8.7 million young people aged 15-29 are unemployed and 13.7 million are [...]

Draw Your Story II


Video recap of our project DRAW YOUR STORY II From 25 June to 5 July, 30 youth workers from eight different countries got together on a training course in, Czech Republic. It was held at Ekocentrum Tkrmanka, established on the basis of a reconstruction project [...]

Building Social Business


OUR PROJECT Youth Unemployment is one of the major issues affecting the European Union, with too high levels of young NEETs (Not Envolved in Employment or Training). This number is representative of a high level of passiveness and lack of sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in young people. Social Entrepreneurship [...]

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